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It’s so great to see you here!

As a growing children’s entertainment company, our existence is built around inspiring creativity, encouraging individualism, and epitomizing compassion towards all. It is this company’s goal to focus more on expression and understanding than monetary gain as we enter multiple facets of entertainment, including video games, graphic novels, television, and other story telling mediums.

Despite our teams many physical, mental, and emotional differences, we work together with the drive to create something far beyond any individual desire. Each of us continue to learn despite current life struggles and make a point to help each other achieve higher skill levels.

We’re excited to share these ideas with you and hear your feedback in return!

Our Team

T’sarE! is comprised of so many talented and caring people! Get to know the minds behind the company.

Active Projects

We have plans for all kinds of entertaininment! Currently, all our efforts are focused on releasing our first BIG project: Galaxy Gang! 


Even with a fully dedicated team, T’sarE! can’t move forward without the love and support from our awesome fans. Find out how you can be a part of the progress!